Trading Services

In order to allow you to fully leverage your supply chain, we offer options for:

  • custodian warehousing and extended custodial inventory
  • consignment stock
  • open book trading

Custodian warehousing and extended custodial inventory

Store your material in our warehouse. Thus, the delivery time from your supplier to your plant will be reduced and you save high costs, which occur by your own, big warehouse.

Consignment stock

We are able to set up a consignment stock, close to your plant. The advantages for you are obvious:

  • Quality approved material
  • Available at any time on short notice
  • Highest security of supply of your material needs
  • Low capital lockup

Open Book Trading

We buy your steel needs at your prefered mill and handle all transport and logistics. This way, we can offer you a completely transparent trading. You know exactly how much to pay for the material itself and our services. You have the full flexibility of choosing the supplier and the service, which you wish to claim. Open Book Trading is the perfect solution to optimize your supply chain.

For more information or a detailed offer, please feel free to contact us.

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Marie-Luise Clever-Guzzoni

Marie-Luise Clever-Guzzoni